So you’ve walked the streets of Reading viewing student house after student house and finally found the one. You’ve been through the paperwork, signed the contracts and put down the deposit. You’ve asked all the questions, sent of the guarantor forms, and shaken your landlords hand.

What happens now?

From your side of things; not a lot, but your agent or landlord will now get to work sorting out all the paperwork. Here’s what should happen now:

1. You deposit will be protected with one of the 3 Government agencies (we use, there also DPS & TDP). They have to protect the deposit, and send you the certificate along with a information leaflet within 30 days.

2. Your guarantors will need to sign the forms and get these back to your landlord/agent ASAP. If the form has gone missing, just contact your landlord/agent for another copy.

3. Your standing order form for your rent will be sent off to your bank, so that your rent will automatically come out of your account on the first day of your tenancy.

4. If you want to, you can arrange to set up a joint bank account for you and your housemates to manage your utility bills. If you have signed up to our all-inclusive deals then sit back and we will sort your bills out for you.

5. Your agent/landlord will be in touch with you in early summer to ask you when you want to check into the house. Remember that you can move in from the first day of your tenancy onwards.

6. Due to new immigration laws called ‘Right to Rent’, you will need to bring your student ID with you when checking in to your house.

Hope that helps for now.