Protect yourself from Rental Fraud


Students should be wary of potential fraud when searching for a new home.

Rental fraud is now emerging seasonally especially in July just before the new term starts.

The fraudsters use a variety of different types of advertising and websites to show people the properties that are available. There adverts will look genuine and have contact information and pictures.

Due to the high demand for housing and the large amount of students unfortunately students will pay an upfront fee and an upfront security deposit before visiting the house.

To later find out that the fraudster has other people living there or that they don’t own the house. Before giving out any money you should:

1) Make sure it exists by either going into the agents or looking online.

2) View the property in advance.

3) ALWAYS view the property.

4) Look out for warning signs such as requesting a holding deposit due to high demands.

5) Be wary of handing over cash.

6) If you or anyone you know have been effected by this please call and report it.

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